Product Overview


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Product Overview


What is a Business Rule?

What does a Rule look like?

Rules Alternatives

Why not use conventional 3GL code?

Rules are Easy to Capture

Rules are Easier to Implement

Rules are Easier to Understand

Rules are Easier to Visualize and Document

Rules Separate Business Logic From Application Logic

Rules Can be Modified by End-user

Strategy: Complete Rules Environment

Rules-Driven Model

The Rules-Driven Environment

Elements for Java

Elements for C, C++

Rules Architecture

Advisor / J

Advisor Builder

Rules-aware Java GUI toolkit

Rules Framework

Multiple Deployment Scenarios

Advisor / J 2.0

Advisor / J 2.0 Components

Rule Base

Rule Base Example

Engine Processing

Advisor API

Advisor Futures

Advisor Builder 2.0

Advisor Builder: Overview

Development Window

Rule Base Creation and Editing

Cross-Reference Browser

Architect Wizards: Map Data to Objects

Project Framework

Deployment Tools

Architect Benefits

Architect Futures

Presenter / J

Presenter / J

Powerful Widgets

Presenter / J Futures

Introducing: Presenter/J

Diapositive PPT

Presenter/J - “Extreme GUI”

Diapositive PPT

What is a Model / View/ Command Architecture?

Java Competition

Demo: Advisor 2.0/Architect 2.0

The Future of Elements for Java

The ND Rules Blueprint

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