The Leader in Rules-Driven Application Development


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Table des matières

The Leader in Rules-Driven Application Development

Company Milestones

Company Overview

Today’s Business

Key Corporate Customers

Key Commercial ISV and VARs

Accelerating Change

US Internet seats (millions)

Revenue thru Electronic Commerce Channels

Speed of business increasing

New Market Drivers Emerging

Information Continium

Information Supply Chain

A New Architecture is Evolving

Traditional Model

Where are the Business Rules?

Self- Service Vision

Tasks Performed by People

Self-Service Challenges

CASE STUDY - Customer Service

Fidelity Touch-tone Express™

Diapositive PPT

Diapositive PPT

Diapositive PPT

Federal Express

Example of New Architecture

Before Database Engines

“Online” Systems Drive Database Engines

Today’s Client/Server Model

Rules-Driven Model

... for the Adaptive Enterprise

Introducing Elements

Elements: Technology Foundation

Rules-Driven Model


Auteur:Darrell Trimble